Affordable Coverage You Can Afford to Use



Chris is a wonderful insurance agent. He is quick to answer me whenever I have a question and takes time to thoroughly explain things. He even communicates with healthcare providers on my behalf when I'm having difficulty with them. It's great having an agent who is so personable and helpful, and having a plan that actually sends me a check when the benefit is greater than the cost of service. I've been extremely satisfied with both Chris and my insurance plan.


Chris was so helpful in getting me AFFORDABLE health insurance with decent coverage without insanely high deductibles. If you are self employed and without health insurance, you need to contact Chris!


My agent, Chris Mumma was excellent! He helped me find everything I was looking for at great affordable prices and was so helpful!


I have never found an insurance company with the benefits and values of New Era Health Solutions. I have recommended over 10 people to this company as of today.


I would like to thank Mr. Chris Mumma. He saved me ALOT of money and got me and my family a health plan with great benefits and they actually send you money back WOW. If you are self employed or just interested in saving money give Chris a call.